Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toy Story (1995)

I understand that this is from 1995, but, Spoiler Alert.

This was the first ever Pixar feature film, and the first time I watched it, I was like 4. Recently Re-watching them, I see that they actually have meanings behind the funny and clever idea of toys being alive. Despite being a very impressively animated film, it makes you really feel that those characters actually have feelings. When I used to watch it, I always thought it would happen to my toys and stuffed animals and one day they would tell me that they were alive and such, but, you know. It never really did. Sadly.

It goes into such detail of the characters that you can't help loving every single one. The detail Pixar put into their character's characteristics is a true phenomenon. Can't love it enough. Even the voices for the characters fit each character very well.

The places all the events occur are greatly diverse, witch makes the movie much more entertaining, and much more gripping. If a movie is set in one place, the setting of it won't be interesting after long, but as most movies do pretty well, setting needs to be switched up every once in a while to add a little spark of pizazz.

Certain scenes of this movie just really move you. When Buzz finds out he actually was a toy, not a space ranger, it makes you want to feel really sad for him. Also, when the're "falling with style" at the end, it makes you want to do a fist pump or something. It can really hit the emotional buttons you got in your heart.

I am a person who likes to find the best in things, so you might find my movie reviews very generous (seeing that this is my first one), but oh my gosh. This one doesn't need it at all. I'll do all my reviews out of 100, like Rotten Tomatoes. Easily a 100/100. Seeing that it was the ground breaking 3d animated film, and it just killed almost everybody because of its true awesomeness, it deserves the best possible rating. Please. If you haven't seen it, you need to get yourself to a block buster or something. Gosh.

Usually my ratings wont be this stellar, I just started with one of my favorites ever. Expect the first few to be pretty high. Just to get going, you know.

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