Wednesday, June 15, 2011

127 Hours (2010)

Holy crap that was great. It is definitely Shua's "Must See” movie of the year so far. It came out in 2010 you say? I don't care. Go see it.

I didn't not like anything in this movie. James Franco played Aron Ralston perfectly. He was a phenomenal actor and the real Aron Ralston actually said in an interview,” James' portrayal [of me] is nearly perfect. The little intro thing was great; the credits were plain, perfect ending for what the viewer just went through. It was just an overall fantastic film.

These kind of movies, the different, rare, crazy, extremely well made movies, just make me want to punch a baby (in the good way). The way they filmed this movie was just incredibly perfect. They used split screen for a lot of scenes, which we haven't seen for some time. They brought back the old school! The funny thing is I probably wasn't alive for the "old school" days. If you haven't seen it, this doesn't really give anything away. He has a camera when he is hiking, and he films his whole experience. It was a very individual movie in the creative ways they edited it. I just keep remembering parts from it and saying in my head, "wow.' 

It is very gruesome and very bloody, mostly at the end, but those parts just make you shiver, and it makes you feel weird that someone actually had to go through that entire experience in real life. They do have comic relief, don't worry, it's not a sad film. I actually did laugh out loud a few times. Very few, but, still a few. Oh man, wow. This movie definitely blew my mind.


It was great. Don't show your kids, there is a reason it is R rated. amazing film. Easily in my favorite top 5 movies ever. Just go experience it yourself.



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